Friday, November 15, 2013

Pubget--Life Science Search Engine

Hunter Library worked with the Pubget team to provide you with a faster way to get the papers you need for your research.

What exactly is Pubget?

Pubget is the search engine for life science PDFs. Though similar to PubMed, Pubget delivers papers instantly. Your search results are the actual PDFs. Try searching for "drug therapy" and you'll get results from all the papers you can get on the web. When you click on the citations you want, Pubget retrieves the PDF right away. You can save, download and manage your papers, all in one place.

Why Pubget?

Pubget indexes everything in PubMed and then some. It indexes over 30 million scientific articles and over 20,000 journal titles including high impact publishers like Science, Nature, and JAMA. But instead of needing to go from website to website to get the papers you need, Pubget delivers papers from all the library's journals in one place. Pubget works directly with the library's e-journals, so you can get the papers you need, right away.

It's easy to use.

To get started, go to and start searching. You can search titles, author names, keywords, citations, dates, or PMIDs. It's that easy! When you create an account, make sure you set your institution and select Western Carolina University.