Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hunter Library Snack Room Gets Refreshed!

In the library’s first-floor snack room, vending machines stocked with soft drinks, candy and chips have traditionally been the main attraction. But thanks to the work of an enterprising group of students, the area has a refreshing new look that invites students to sit down and take a break.
The 34 students who gave the area its extreme makeover are orientation counselors who were in search of a service project that would benefit the campus community. They drew up floor plans, consulted and collaborated with various departments, and canvassed the campus for unused furnishings that could be reused and relocated.
The results? Café chairs and tables, some upholstered pieces, wall décor and fresh paint in earthy shades of gold, cinnamon, and teal make the snack room ambiance more lounge worthy. The students did much of the painting, cleaning and furniture rearranging, assisted by personnel from Facilities Management.
“We want our Orientation counselors to have an opportunity to give something back to their university. We also want them to take on a project that results in an obvious change for the better,” says Tammy Haskett, director of orientation programs.
The refurbished lounge area is located next to the library’s main entrance, a short walk to the right down the outdoor walkway.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Database Access Problems

Hunter Library has been experiencing technical problems with database access. Links in our research guides and some handouts may not work or only have intermittent access. If you experience a problem accessing a database, please check Hunter Library's subject list or A-Z list on our main page or go to