Friday, April 11, 2014

Europa Online Encyclopedia

Hunter Library has recently switched to Europa World Plus, the online version of the Europa yearbook series. Europa provides economic, political, historical, and geographic profiles for every country. The online edition contains more information for each country and world region, which is also more accessible due to online search features. The online version also allows researchers to find information not only by country, but by topic as it offers a keyword search option. The most useful aspect of Europa is its statistics. It has five-years-worth of statistics for every country, which can be viewed in tables, and can even be compared with other countries in the databases’ “Comparative Statistics” feature. The feature also allows researchers to export data charts and tables to their computer. Europa World Plus is useful for researchers at all levels of academia. The sections for each country are short, but they are deep, and will provide users with a thorough understanding of the current state of whichever country they are interested in.

contributed by Amelia Holmes