Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream Time Flora: Photography by Tim Lewis

From August 24, 2009, through
October 30, 2009
Gallery 1, Hunter Library
(First floor, across from Music CD,
DVD, Video Collection)
Western Carolina University

Artist Tim Lewis has used photography as a creative tool for most of his life. Growing up in Kansas, he developed a sense of awe in even the most common things, encouraged by parents who loved to explore the natural world, including looking at rocks and investigating what was underneath them. Classes at the University of Kansas helped refine his skills and deepen his interests in photography, glass and drawing. He eventually chose glass as his primary medium, but returned to photography twenty years later. Discovering the digital process and the versatility of a flat-bed scanner, he pushed the limits and found new ways of working.

Dream Time Flora is a collection of black-and-white photographs of umbrella magnolia, dogwood, wild grape, horsetails and other plants. The photographs have a darkness about them that suggests first light, twilight or a stormy day. In the dark there is “something more---unseen, unknown, mysterious.”

Lewis’s work has been exhibited in North Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, and Colorado. He is artist-in-residence at Gallery 1, Main Street, Sylva, N.C. More about his work is online at