Monday, February 04, 2008

Leisure Reading's new site

Hunter Library’s Leisure Reading collection has made its way to the Web! Now you can find out what’s new and noteworthy with Leisure Reading anytime, anyplace. Then come to the library with a head full of ideas, take a closer look at what we have, and find something (or three things!) to take home with you today. Features of the brand new Leisure Reading site include reviews from our esteemed panel of leisure reading selectors, a list of the newest titles to hit our shelves, and the chance to share your thoughts (no doubt brilliant ones) about your latest leisure read. And if that’s not enough, the new site also gives you links to information on award-winning titles in all the genres, places you can go for suggestions on what to read next, and buzz by everyone from NPR to Stephen Colbert about the newest books. Spend some time on the site and if you have comments or questions, you can send them to Heath Martin at