Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Maps have moved!

In an effort to provide more access for the library’s patrons, the maps collection has been relocated from the lower mezzanine to the main floor of the library at the end farthest from the entrance. It will now be open and available for use whenever the library is open. Future plans include adding GIS data workstations to the service desk located near the collection. For further information regarding the collection or to schedule a class visit, please contact Bart Voskuil at 828-227-3493, voskuil@email.wcu.edu.

The lower mezzanine will now also remain open whenever the library is open. It will house older bound periodicals and will serve as quiet study space. Plans are in the works to re-open the graduate study rooms off of this mezzanine for use in the spring. For information on this project please contact Kevin Unrath, Head of Access Services, at 828-227-3405, unrath@email.wcu.edu.