Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Important News About IDs and Your Library Account

** UPDATE 11/21/06 **

Student, faculty and staff ID Cards were replaced during the Fall 2006 and everyone was assigned a Banner “92” ID number. Faculty and staff were able to still use their old ID number to access library services to ease the transition to the new ID system. However, this is no longer possible. The library systems have now been changed over so that they will only recognize Banner “92” ID numbers.

To ensure privacy and better protect the identity of our students, faculty, and staff, Western Carolina University is in the process of changing ID numbers and issuing everyone new CatCards. Your new CatCard will be encoded with your new ID number, however, the ID number will not appear on the CatCard. SSN’s will no longer be used for any ID numbers.

Student ID Cards will be replaced during registration for Fall 2006. Each student has received a letter from the registrar telling them about their new number and new ID. Faculty/Staff Cat Cards are being sent through campus mail August 14-18.

You must have your new card to utilize Cat Cash, the Library, and other services where the Cat Card is required.

You must know your new ID number to access library resources from off-campus, to access e-reserves, to use Interlibrary Loan, and to log into your library account. To retrieve the new ID number which is encoded into (and not printed onto) the card, please use the ID Finder.

Please call the Reference Desk at 828-227-7465 or toll-free at 866-928-5424, if you have any questions or are experiencing problems with accessing online resources.

See http://www.wcu.edu/it/news/IDchange0806.html for more news about the new ID cards.