Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Project MUSE Collaborates with Google to Index Journal Content

Project MUSE subscribers, including Hunter Library, can now use Google or Google Scholar to locate full text of journals hosted by MUSE

Project MUSE has collaborated with Google Inc., to enable researchers and students to use the Google web site and its Google Scholar interface to explore the Project MUSE web site for relevant scholarly research information.

Individuals at a MUSE subscribing institution can now use the familiar interface of Google at or to search the full-text content from any of the more than 270 scholarly journals that MUSE currently hosts. Articles can be viewed in HTML or PDF.

“Project MUSE is excited to work with Google to provide our users with yet another easy, user-friendly gateway to find appropriate full-text articles on MUSE,” said Aileen McHugh, Project MUSE Director of Electronic Publishing. “We believe that this new Google capability will help subscribers increase their usage of MUSE content, enhancing its value and usefulness as a research tool at libraries.”